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Calculated 0-60 time. Understanding this is not 100% accurate. Your 1/8th mile time and mph are used for the following reason:

1/4 mile trap speeds vary depending on if you are running Slicks or Street tires.   
1/4 mile trap speed can also vary depending on drivetrain (FWD, RWD, and AWD).

So 1/8 mile time and speed will give a more accurate reading. Also this formula does not take in to account horsepower curve. This is assuming horsepower is constant, Most drag cars don't drop below 3500rpms at any point in the race. Again, give or take a couple of tenths on your 0 to 60 time because of the above conditions. This will give you a good idea of what your time is.

  Position SrNumber 0 - 60 Make Model Engine  
  1 SR92 1.798 Ford  Zephyr  400 ci   
  2 SR370 1.871 CHEVROLET  CAMARO  BBC502CI   
  3 SR233 2.093 ford  ESCORT  383ci CHEVY   
  4 SR85 2.305 Chevrolet  Camaro  406ci Chevy   
  5 SR444 2.488 Dodge  Charger     
  6 SR435 2.535 Ford  Escort  2000cc cosworth   
  7 SR183 2.543 Ford  Cortina  2000cc Cosworth   
  8 SR442 2.564 Ford  3 window coupe  1969 351W ford v8   
  9 SR449 2.615 vaux  chevette  tarted up transit engine 2.0 made in the cotswolds i think   
  10 SR64 3.442 chevrolet  nova  355   
  11 SR365 4.094 chevrolet  camaro  Dave Clark built 350ci sbc   
  12 SR443 4.542 Plymouth  Satellite  440 RB   
  13 SR27 5.021 Ford  Mustang  351 Cleveland   
  14 SR71 2915.043 Ford  Cortina  1992 306ci HO ford V8   
  15 SR141 4797.401 pontiac  firebird  355ci lt1 sbc   
  16 SR436 10487.581 Ford  Mustang  557ci   

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