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DrPepper's 1970 Ford Mustang Mach1

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Tyres React 60 Foot 330 Feet 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH
Slick 1.15 2.297 6.103 9.13 81.92 13.914 102.99
Street 0.6988 1.9658 5.6907 8.8288 79.56 13.7425 100.07


0 - 60 MPH  6.4 Seconds

SRS Race No. :- SR27



Engine   351 Cleveland
Heads   Aussie 2Vs, Ferea SS valves.
Camshaft   comp cams 270H.
Intake   Edelbrock performer 4V.
Power Adder   Ram air
Tranmission   T5 manual , 5speed, king cobra clutch, billet steel flywheel
Rear End   8 inch 3.55:1 Detroit Locker.
Tyres   225-60-15 Yokohama A539s
  Owner's Comments
  My mach1 is not a dedicated drag car like most on this site but more of a corner carver so I can use it on track days and sprinting events, it Was originally an automatic,I converted it to a five speed manual using a T5 out of a `90 5.0GT with my own design cable clutch system. Motor has good street manners and has been dyno`d at 365BHP and 384ft lbs torque. Uprated front discs and a conversion to rear discs cope with track days along with revised front geometry to increase camber gain, poly bushes all round, custom made front spring - very stiff, large front anti-roll bar.Shelby under-rider traction bars and clamped leaf springs help stop axle tramp.

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